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Football is now firmly part of the media and marketing world. The new “agency” of the year category recognises the increasing role of Marcoms agencies in football and will be awarded to a business offering Advertising, PR, Design, Social & Digital Media or other forms of promotional marketing. The agency can work for client football clubs, brands or businesses working in football and while individual projects can be included in the entry it should be noted that this award recognises the overall commitment to and understanding of football demonstrated by the agency. The judges will be looking for creativity, insight and clearly defined client outcomes.

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  • Challenge - What did you set out to achieve over the last season? What were the targets? What challenge does your product or service address?
  • Solution –What did you do to meet those targets? What is the benefit of your product or service? What was distinctive or innovative about the solution?
  • Results – What were the outcomes? How were these outcomes measured? What positive feedback and testimonials do you have?

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